Posters, Disasters, and Plans

Lately I've been digging back into the topic of my 2021 paper for the Design History Society annual conference: posters designed as a response to the Fukushima, Japan nuclear and environmental disaster of March 2011. Here are a few highlights from that study: Themes within reader commentary included cultural concerns, making/selling, designer recognition, future histories,… Continue reading Posters, Disasters, and Plans


A Mass of Unknowable Readers

Of the many features that blogs and social media share, one that continues to pull me in is the identity of readers. When writing comments, readers can choose anonymity or, if conveying a desire for authorial influence, they might use their full names. One of my pilot studies showed a prevalence of full names recognizable… Continue reading A Mass of Unknowable Readers

Gold Below the Fold

Where do design blogs go when they die (besides Facebook or Twitter)? Over the past several months, my research assistant Jessica Miller and I have been scrolling through archives to identify specific types of design blog content. This has not been a search for posts with sexy titles or award-winning authors. Instead, it’s a hunt for needles… Continue reading Gold Below the Fold